What we do

At Hello Ara we bring real people to you in their own words in real time. We help you understand them better than before. What better time than now, when so many things have changed in our world?

In a world of panels, closed questions with irrelevant options, social data without context. We bring you open data with context. The thoughts and words of real people on a quantitative scale.

We create chatbots, giving them personality and empathy so people love to chat to them and reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings in detail. Finding people on Social Media Messenger platforms, we have fun or serious conversations about the topics you need to understand in depth. We can talk to broad groups of people or niche interest groups – (dog lovers who own an iphone and like rap?)

We bring creativity back into research. From personalising the bot, the conversation and the social media ad to finding the themes with AI and reading through people’s stories and context to uncover unknown things and better why’s.

Diverse people_Car

Our bots help you solve multiple business problems​

Risks and opportunities​

Finding breakthrough growth opportunities among people who have never used your brand

You want more of your customers to shop for your brand online rather than use the ecommerce giant. Identifying the friction points that prevent them from shopping online for your brand​

Innovation, Activation, Communication

Unpacking how your brand’s Christmas campaign initiatives impacted people’s thinking and action around your brand over Christmas

Provide feedback on how your business is performing internally on its Inclusion and Diversity initiatives

Get continuous understanding on the effectiveness of ideas, concepts, ads or new offers created by your in-house team or agency

Change in relation to important events

Get rapid feedback on a competitor’s new launch and the impact on your customers, in the moment

How do people expect your brand to drive a sustainability agenda?

Monitoring change initiatives (e.g. attitudes to vaccination, the roll-out of your new e-commerce platform, etc.) over time with wave bots that become more expert with every wave

"Life is like a floating boat for me and don't know when it will reach the shore but I still have hope for a better tomorrow.“

28 year old woman, married and love shopping. Works for a marketing company and loves working from home, India.

Some of our bots

Group 324

We have run bots for some of the world’s largest companies in 20 different countries - from China to US to South Africa. We can find the people you need to hear from, on both Facebook and WeChat, giving you access to an audience of 3 billion people. We can talk with hundreds, or thousands of people, fast.

"With business leadership becoming more diverse, lives will be changed for the better“

I'm a single mother of 3 aged 31 from South Africa. I love making new friends & listing to music. It's been very emotional because  I lost my job due to this corona virus pandemic.

One off bots will help you deep dive a specific event or issue. Our bots can also run in waves to help you understand change over time. With every wave your bot will build on its expertise.

We can rapidly launch a bot to talk to people about news, an event or implications of a sudden change. Examples could be an environmental disaster, a major protest or a law change.

Our AI chatbots bring the best of multiple research methods to give you detailed open data with context that lead to better insight.

Always there, always on

“It feels like a dream that I can't wake up from because we are no longer doing all the things we used to, everything has changed“

22 year old South African woman who loves cooking and believes everyone deserves equal opportunities, chatting to Ara August 2020


Everything we do is built upon our proprietary ARA conversational research platform

Model Based AI

Unsupervised graphs - capture unknowns based on themes client is interested in.

Trained AI

Train for what we know, the keywords and phrases the client is most interested in.



The Organizer

Runs the dialogue/chats
Talks to AI routines
Understands in realtime


Classifiers built-up over time
Conversational Optimization

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